Turn Flab To Steel – Get Your Abs In Shape

Most people think that the way to get rock hard abs is to do as many sit-ups as possible.  In focusing on sit-ups, they do not work out the other essential muscles that are involved, such as the lower, upper, and side abs.  By adding a variety of exercises to your abdominal routine, you will realize faster and more effective results.

Basic crunches are the most well-known type of ab exercise, and for good reason.  Crunches are simple and effective, requiring no equipment and delivering results.  As long as you perform them correctly, you will achieve success with crunches.  The common crunch position is to lie on your back on the floor with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your knees pointing upwards.  Raise your upper body off the floor a few inches.  If necessary, support your head by gently cradling it in your hands; otherwise, crossing your hands on your chest is fine.  Hold the raised position for a few seconds before gently lowering your body in a controlled, deliberate motion.

If you find this traditional exercise much too easy, you can try putting weights on your chest or raising your legs in front of you as you perform your crunches.  Another option for Popeye-variety crunches is lifting your legs off the ground and then raising your pelvis as you raise your shoulders.  Lifting your legs and shoulders at the same time will really burn the abs.

six packsReverse crunches give your lower abs more of a workout.  With your feet straight in the air, use your abs to raise your bottom slightly off the ground while your shoulders remain on the floor.  You can also try to lift your shoulders and your butt at one time to work both the upper and lower abs together.

The inclined crunch is a popular way to tone the lower abdominal region .  This can be as simple as elevating the lower region slightly on an inclined bench, or as complex as hanging upside down by your knees from a bar.  From the upside down or inclined spot, you can do your crunches.

Lastly, the pelvic tilt can work out the lower abs.  It also starts in a basic crunch position.  With your shoulders on the floor, lift your hips and press your pelvis as high as you can while you squeeze your abs.   Then you can go back to the floor, but don’t collapse.

To strengthen your obliques, you should do rotation workouts that allow your side muscles to tighten with each movement.  From the seated position, support a weight in front of you with your arms extended, or closer to your chest if the first position strains you.  Slowly twist yourself from side to side.  In another exercise, lie on your back and reach along your side in an attempt to touch your foot.  Do this a number of times and then switch sides.

The bicycle routine is another favorite exercise for developing your obliques.  This is performed in a crunch position with the legs extended and elevated.  Bend one knee and bring it close to your chest while simultaneously meeting it with the opposite elbow.  Remain in the contracted crunch position throughout the routine.
During your abdominal workout, be sure to contract your muscles slowly.  When you are finished with a rep, go back to your starting position gradually.  Don’t flop or collapse.  You should try to stay in the contracted position for about two or three seconds prior to lowering yourself.

You must take care to keep your form intact as you do these ab workouts.  If you do the exercises properly, you will get better results and you won’t get hurt.  Several exercise guidelines can assist you in performing the exercises properly.  One excellent pointer to remember is to never pull on your head while doing crunches.  If you are performing lower ab exercises, you should consider placing your hands beneath you.  This will provide support for your lower back, reducing the chances of your straining it.  While ab exercise is a regular routine that can be performed every day, you should also give your muscles a chance to recoup once a week.

Building your abdominal muscles will not just make you look a lot better.  A stronger midsection means a stronger back, the cornerstone of your body.  Do not be discouraged with how your abs currently look.  Results will take time and hard work.  Period.  Once you’re looking fine, you’ll never want to go back, so get started on the flab-busting today!