Getting Exercise As An Older Adult

Older adults need exercise just as much as anyone else, but they may not be able to do many of the traditionl exercises that younger people can do. That’s why this article has tips that show any older person how to stay fit while reducing the risk of injury.

The body of an older adult is much different from that of a younger adult or even a teenager. Older adults have bones that can break more easily due to a decrease in bone density, and they can take longer to heal if damaged. They are also not as flexible and may have trouble doing certain activities. For these reasons, older adults should consult their doctor before they begin any exercise routine. The doctor will be able to examine them in order to determine if their body can handle the stress of a normal fitness routine without becoming injured.

Since older adults have different bodies from those younger than them, they may not be able to handle all of the exercise equipment that younger people use. Older adults can still use some exercise equipment without facing the risk of injury. Recumbent bikes make low impact cardiovascular exercise possible while distributing body weight over a larger area. Treadmills are great for walking without worrying about stress on the leg joints. For resistance, elastic bands can be used in the place of heavy weight that could cause muscle strain. Weight machine may also be beneficial, only if they are set on a low enough setting to avoid muscle damage.

Older adults may find it difficult to follow a fitness routine on their own and may need assistance. Fitness classes are a perfect solution to this problem, as older adults can follow along with an instructor who will show them the right exercises to do that will give them a full body workout. In addition, they can also attend the class with their friends and have an enjoyable experience. Local fitness and community centers usually offer classes for older adults on certain days and during certain hours. An Internet search will reveal any local areas that offer classes for older adults.

Some older adults may need to do exercises that are light and relaxing. Yoga offers these exercises through poses and stances. For older adults, yoga increases flexibility with each exercise, as well as the ability work the core muscles, regulate breathing, and calm the body. The great thing about yoga is that it’s a low impact form of exercise. This means that yoga poses will not put pressure and damage on the joints, which can be bad for older adults and younger adults alike.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for a person of any age. For older adults, it’s especially beneficial because it allows them to work nearly every muscle in their body. Swimming strokes help to enhance arm, back, and leg muscles while giving the core a workout as swimmers balance in the water. The water provides natural resistance while giving a feeling of weightlessness that reduces the risk of injury greatly.

Just because you’ve become older, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising. Use these tips and make a fitness routine that is suitable for your body.