Finding Ways to Increase Your Activity Level

While eating better food will make a huge difference in your health, it is not the only factor. You need to stay active as well to keep your energy level up. Adding a consistent fitness regimen along with lifestyle changes will help you reach your fitness goals. Keep reading to learn how.

Instead of fighting for the “best” spot in the parking lot, just park further back and walk in. You will spend more time looking for the perfect spot than you would just parking near the back. You will also waste less gas and may even help protect your car. If no one is parked near you, they can’t hit your car with their door. It is far less stressful to just park near the back and enjoy your walk into the store.

Try setting the remote next to the TV instead of keeping it back by the couch. Getting up to change the channel every so often is a great way to get moving, even when you are relaxing. You should get up and move around every so often when you are sitting anyway. Sitting for too long hurts your circulation as well as not burning as many calories as you should.

When you are late for a meeting on the twentieth floor, by all means take the escalator or the stairs. If you have the time and it is just a flight or two, try to take the stairs instead. While it is a lot of extra effort, it is a simple way to add a little exercise into your life. After a few weeks you’ll start feeling that extra bounce in your step.

Use commercial breaks as a mini workout time. This will allow you to catch your show and sneak your exercise routine in at the same time. There will be some exercises you can do while watching to maximize your use of this time. Seeing how many crunches you can do during the break and then running in place during the show is a great place to start.

If you live in a city, walk around when doing your errands rather than driving everywhere. Heading to the grocery store up the street to pick up a few things? Bring a backpack and walk there. While this is a weather permitting activity, it is a great way to get a little workout and enjoy a quiet walk. It will also keep you from buying too much as you have to be able to carry it all home. Of course, having a little extra to carry is a work out all in itself.

Use these ideas and add your own to get yourself living a more active lifestyle. Even if you can’t find the time to go to the gym regularly, these things will keep you active and help you stay healthy. Pairing them with a healthy diet can greatly reduce your risk of many debilitating diseases as well as giving you more energy to accomplish your daily tasks.