A Six Step Plan Toward Fitness

More people think about fitness success than actually achieve it, because they fail to plan it out and dedicate themselves to it. Fitness is not a one-night-stand, it’s a lifelong commitment. You’ve got to immerse yourself in a smart program and realize that it should become a permanent part of your life. Use the following steps to set up an effective routine for yourself and set yourself up for success.

1. Evaluate your body and set appropriate goals. It’s best to start your program slowly and work gradually toward improvements; know where you are at now and the smartest, healthiest ways to get where you want to be. Avoid potential injuries by conditioning your muscles and acquiring strength, flexibility and know-how over a period of time and with knowledge fueling your efforts.

2. Discover which exercises will help you reach your goals. If you’re aiming for six-pack abs, you want to focus on things like crunches that will specifically target your mid-section. If you devote a lot of time and effort and see little results, you may become discouraged, so make sure what your striving for matches the exercises you’re doing.

3. Develop a solid plan that works with your lifestyle and schedule. Too often, people find it impossible to fit a workout routine into a busy schedule; avoid this fatal fitness mistake by setting aside workable time periods that you can realistically commit to. Also, make sure your methods fit your lifestyle and don’t sign up for a gym if you happen to be shy around others! Set yourself up to succeed with forethought.

4. Alternate between weight training and cardio. Your entire body will best benefit from a healthy combination, so schedule both into your program. Weight training will burn fat and calories and cardio will strengthen your whole body, both inside and out. Alternating between the two will give you the best end-results and lead to greater overall physical fitness.

5. Keep a fitness journal. You need a place to record your progress in order to keep motivation levels high, and you also need to see which routines are the most effective for you. Record what you want to be capable of within a specified time period, such as 50 single-arm push-ups in 2 weeks, and go for it! Accurate records will be a great guide toward success.

6. Make a plan for permanent fitness. Don’t stop or even slow down once you’ve got yourself in great shape: you will have to keep working to maintain that level of fitness! Use what worked to get you there and let physical conditioning remain a high priority in your life. You will look better, feel better and be less statistically prone to many health ailments.

Achieving your goals in fitness mandates a complete commitment, not a half-hearted and lackadaisical approach. Make your mind up to do it and let nothing stop you. Becoming physically fit will improve the way your body looks and performs and will be an amazing boost to your self-esteem!